The Runaway Convict label is a dedication to the early history of
Australia and its British ruled, penal colony past. In the early 1800's
England was sending its "criminals" to Australia to serve at hard
labour, many for life terms and in many cases, for crimes as simple
as stealing a loaf of bread! Famine and hunger were the norm then.
Is it any wonder that they tried to run away? These wines are all
produced from the Pyrenees wine region of Victoria, Australia.

THE runaway convict
2014 Shiraz

The 2014 Shiraz shows a strong and almost inky deep burgundy colour intensity. It has an elegant balance blending rich dark stone fruits with hints of sweet forest fruits. It has a muscular but gentle texture, lingering with ease to the end. It elicits aromas such as forest floor, blackcurrant, liquorice, and truffles. Best served with roasted lamb, Wagyu steak, or wild boar dishes.

the runaway convict
2013 Pinot Gris

Our Pinot Gris is bright and floral with notes of ripe yellow fruits, pears and rose petals. This wine is soft and round on the palate with obvious natural sweetness. The 10 grams of residual sugar make this a wine that matches with a host of foods, from fruit based desserts through to food with spice and chilli to cheeses.